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We are a happy, successful and very popular 11 to 16 mixed comprehensive school in Walthamstow.

These are exciting times at Willowfield.  We moved into our fantastic new buildings in September 2015 and since then we have gone from strength to strength.  We recorded our best ever GCSE results in 2017 and beat them again 2018!

We are proud to be a local school that gives all of our students the best possible start in life.  Our school community is amazingly diverse with more than 50 languages spoken.  We are very proud of our inclusive ethos characterised by a striking culture of mutual respect and support.  Willowfield students are happy effective learners who make great progress.  Our ethos and values are centred on developing our young people as great citizens and this infuses the entire curriculum and learning experience.   We have strong partnerships with local schools and colleges and are involved in many community projects.

"Students at Willowfield enjoy a broad and balanced learning experience."

In Years 7, 8 and 9, the curriculum is planned to stretch and challenge everyone to be the best they can be, preparing them for the challenges ahead in years 10 and 11.   At the end of year 9 students choose from a range of options allowing them to opt for subjects related to their areas of interest or possible future career pathways.   We work hard to help our students achieve the best possible examination results and become thoughtful citizens able to play a full, positive and productive part in the 21st century world they will inherit. 

We are proud of our inclusive ethos.  Students from all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and flourish within a safe and caring environment.  Our great pastoral system is the glue that keeps our school happy and successful.  Form groups have two tutors to maximise personal attention and are overseen by experienced pastoral leaders.    Students make great progress during their time with us because they are supported but also challenged to be the best they can be.  We have the highest expectations of all students and will not allow them to settle for ordinary. 

Life at Willowfield is characterised by mutual respect and an environment where staff and students enjoy happy, harmonious and very positive relationships.  This atmosphere of mutual respect is key to our success and stems from the great support and care every student receives making them feel valued and cared for. We expect the very best in terms of courtesy and respect from our students and they rise to meet our high expectations.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available to all students, something that we have been able to extend and develop since we moved to the new site.  Opportunities to engage in activities related to citizenship are many and varied, while our Arts Mark Award reflects our commitment to the Arts and the range and quality of the opportunities offered here. Students enjoy a range of activities including visits to theatres, galleries, museums and residential trips. There are many opportunities to take on responsibilities such as sports captains, prefects, school journalists, librarians and the very active Student Leadership Council who play a real role in helping shape the direction of the school.

We believe the partnership with parents and carers is key to the happiness and success of our students.  We celebrate student success and ensure that parents/carers are kept up to date about their child’s progress through termly reports and a parents evening.  Sometimes students need some support to make good decisions.  We will always let parents/carers know at the earliest possible time of any problem so that we may work together to help the child learn and move on from their mistakes. 

Our vision is for Willowfield students to leave us and be able to compete with anyone, anywhere, professionally and personally, in the world that is their future.  We want them to be well rounded young adults who have developed into great citizens able to play a full, positive and productive part in their 21st century world.  Our year 11 students progress on successfully to college, work and University and we are always proud to hear from them and their successes after Willowfield.

Clive Rosewell

About Us

At the end of the Willowfield experience, our students can compete with anyone, anywhere, professionally and personally, in the world that is their future

  • Our school is a safe, happy, exciting place - a vibrant learning hub at the heart of our community

  • The student and the learner is at the heart of everything we do - we are driven by the core belief that schools exist for children

  • Our students are cared for, nurtured and challenged, enabling them to thrive and flourish, making great progress as learners and people

  • We are ambitious and aspirational, inspired by the belief that our students will achieve the most amazing things

  • Great lessons complemented by learning experiences beyond the classroom challenge and inspire everyone, whatever their starting point to be the best they can be

  • We celebrate success at all levels but address and challenge and intervene immediately when students are not hitting the heights they could reach

  • We are a truly International school that celebrates the wonderful diversity of our school community and embraces the wonderful opportunities from being in the heart of the greatest International City

  • Difficult beginnings and barriers for our young people are explored and we support them to deal and overcome them

  • A difficult start on their learning journey or lack of family support is never an excuse for underachievement

  • We are a school where students’ possibilities are not limited by the experiences, aspirations and horizons of their families 

  • The learning journey for our students is a short one where time is precious - there is an embedded culture of healthy impatience to ensure that we never process underachievement

  • Everyone in the school is proud to be at Willowfield and work together to contribute to the great community that is Willowfield

  • Staff at all levels and in all roles are committed to giving students the best possible nurturing and challenging experience

  • We are reflective, outward facing professionals perennially committed to exploring how we can make the Willowfield experience even better

  • Every member of staff is on their own learning journey and we are committed to growing and nurturing everyone in the school community within a learning culture where all have the space to flip from learned to learner

  • Our young people develop into great citizens able to play a full, positive and productive part in the 21st century world

  • At the end of the Willowfield experience, our students can compete with anyone, anywhere, professionally and personally, in the world that is their future

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